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20 Dec 2016 .. There are different kinds of apps available for your Android and iOS. .. The best way to spy on your boyfriend's phone is to download a Guestspy app on your .. How to spy on text messages without access to target phone free.How to hack someones text messages without them knowing? - Mxspy Tinder for Adults: The 5 Best Dating Sites for Seniors… Get Conversations from Other Peoples iPhone Can you track the location of a cell phone?

Now SMS Spy – Spy on Text Messages is easy with Guest Spy

Are you in need to spy on text messages of your partner? Yes! Then many different ideas must be coming into your mind. Immediately, you will search for the methods on the internet and if not then you must be trying to get the mobile phone of your partner to see their messages. In every technique that you use you want safety and satisfaction completely. Asking for his/her phone does not sound right because if your better half is trying to keep some secret from you, then it is impossible that he/she will hand over his cell phone to you. Another way that comes in mind to take help of the internet where you will get the list of methods to spy on text messages of your partner, you can try those techniques.

Now SMS Spy – Spy on Text Messages is easy with Guest Spy

If already tried but still searching for something that is better it means you are not satisfied. Nobody can be sure of the results that you will get from using these methods until you try them. For spying, you need something that can keep you safe and target unwarned of the fact that his/her cell phone is being tapped. Spy software can efficiently do that.

What is SMS Spy Software

It is similar to an application that is programmed and designed to monitor or control any device. It is a virtual device (available as the application) that needs to be installed on the target to fetch the details secretly. If you use a phone, then you must be aware of what is an application. Like other apps spy software is an app that is developed by the app developers. Any spy software can:

  • Track messages
  • Track location
  • Track contacts
  • Track history of call logs, etc

Spy Software is capable of doing many more things. An individual can use any spy software. But few things are to consider, and that is to know what your software can do, what are the features of it, etc. you cannot just download any software for SMS spy .  The market is full of thousands of spy software. Picking any app randomly can put you in trouble. Therefore, we brought very useful, safe and fascinating software for you and that is “guest spy.”

What is Text Message Spy GuestSpy

Catering every need of spying, a guest spy is most recommendable software for the users that wish to spy on text messages . The application is available in the downloadable version at the app store. The app is compatible to work on Android, iPhone, and other platforms. Few apps run only on Android, so this advantage for the guest’s spy users. Users can download the app from the Users are asked to make an account of the panel of the guest spy. We will tell you later what this panel is and what is its use? But before that user should know the steps to download and register them on the panel.

How to make the account at the control panel

Before that let’s see the procedure to follow for downloading the guest spy, here are they.

Configuration – the device has to permit download of the known market apps. So, see the settings and check whether the device is set to install those apps or not. And if not then change the settings. This is an important step, and without them, you cannot move further.

Download- go to . It is the URL from where users can download the app and get information of the Guest Spy. Simply click on the download Guest Spy button.

Install- a notification window will pop up on your mobile screen asking permission to install the guest spy. Grant permission and the app gets download automatic. The app will ask to seek access to the application of the device. Until permission is granted, you won’t be able to get the detail of other apps.

Register – the process is as simple as the process of registration on any other app, just like you made an account on Facebook. Your details like name, contact, email-ID, etc. will be asked to you. Correctly fill the information so that you can register and access the account.

Your account to spy on text messages is completely safe, and all the valuable information is also safe. Nobody can peep into your account without a password that only you know. Users are supposed to make a strong password that nobody can guess. Now, you know the procedure to download and to register, following valuable information for users is its features.

Features of Spy on Text Messages Guest Spy-

A Guest spy developer has knowledge about your needs and what information you would want to fetch from the target’s mobile phone. That’s why they have built useful features for the person in need of spying. Let’s see the guest spy’s features.

Features of Spy on Text Messages Guest Spy-

Remote command-    parents can control their children’s smartphone even when they are out. You can monitor the device form your office. Check their emails, SMS spy , view pics and much more from the far location. What could be better than having full control over the device of the target? No other application can let you enjoy this facility.

Access calendar events – working people make their plan and set the event on their mobile phone’s calendar. By accessing their calendar events, guest spy users can get the latest event details. Their plans are not out of your reach now.

Access phonebook – the contact number of an unknown person may be saved on your kid’s cell. Get access to these numbers, also fetch email address, contact number, etc. no need to ask for the phone from your children to know with whom they chat till late in the night. Find whether your employees are not in contact with your rivals.

Live control panel – Guest spy provides all necessary and valuable information at one central location. Users don’t have to wait for the information, and they can get the collective information at their dashboard. With the details like username and password, you can log in to the panel from any device that has the internet connection. At panel, you can get the result of text message spy, WhatsApp spy and other details.

Mostly people are afraid to spy on text messages of their partner because they are afraid that they may get caught. That’s why they don’t even try to these apps. But don’t sacred guest spy is not detectable and it has no contract with the third party that means you and your victim’s details are safe. Anyone can safely do SMS spy on any person. Take out some time and install the guest spy to avail the benefits of spying.  Guest spy has the bundle of features. Here are some more features.

More features to know

Gps tracker – tracking someone’s location is not easy without a GPS tracker. In the vehicle, a tracker is inbuilt to get the route details. But having a GPS tracker on mobile can keep you informed about your kid’s location. Parents can see where the kids go out after the class. Employers can check where their loyal employees go in mid of the working hours.  A tracker is capable of tracking the past location details, time of journey, date, and information about the visited places. This feature will reveal the true face of your employees you can figure out whether they are involved in wrong activities or not.

SMS spy – this is the feature that can spy on text messages . You will have the full details of the messages sent/received by the person whom you are spying too. Users can get easy access to the inbox of the target’s cell phone. His inbox may reveal some secret information about him.  You may get some valuable information that can fulfill your real purpose of spying. Not only this, if you are a parent and want to spy on your kids just because they don’t give you enough attention and stick to their smartphone most of the time. Then using this feature might help you.

Spy call- only text message spy is not your need, and guest spy knows this very well, especially, when kids chat or talk with their friends till late. It’s natural to doubt on them and being the parent is not comfortable. They have to monitor their kids whether they are at home or out because safety is the priority of every parent. They can hear their calls and get the call log details like when did they get the call, duration of a call, number of a caller, etc. this feature is beneficial to check the loyalty of the unfaithful partner. Your partner might be talking to their ex or might be getting involved in a wrong or illegal work. Figure out everything and save them.

Call recording – maybe guest spy is not free to hear the live calls. That’s why it brought the facility of call recording. Users can record the live call made via calling app or via the standard call plan.  The audio file is of good quality; you can hear the words even if the person were speaking in the low voice. The file is available in downloadable format. Download it anytime you wish and listen to the conversation. This call recording feature is valuable for the employers to know the chatting of their employees with their clients. Maybe your employee is not giving correct information to the clients and this I bringing loss to your business. Use this feature and get its benefits.

WhatsApp spy – text message services are rarely used nowadays. Therefore your idea of SMS spy for android users can be of no use. It is seen that users of WhatsApp users are increasing and even kids use this app. Just download the guest spy and see chats of WhatsApp account of your employees, kids, and others. If you have company’s official group at WhatsApp, then check what the group member share over there.  It is useful if you are not the member of that official group. Whatsapp has become the way to connect with everyone via chats and calls. Anyone who wishes to see the status and conversations of their friends without gaining permission from them can secretly download the guest spy on their cell phone.

Social chat monitoring – spying text and WhatsApp is not sufficient because the social media platform is broad. Nowadays, people have the account on different apps like facebook, snapchat, Instagram, etc. People also make multiple accounts on one single site. Hence you cannot spy over all of them. But guest spy let you experience spying over all such application. Only SMS spy is not going to work in this modern world especially when everyone is using these apps, thus enhance your spying level and read conversations over there as well. No other SMS spy app will give the facility to their users.

Guest spy with its advanced and basic features is 100% safe and useful. Till now, we have given all significant information for the people wish to spy. Spying over your loved ones will not prove harmful for you and they as well as it is for their safety. The world is full of fake peoples who are smart to lure the naïve kids and person to involve them in illegal activities. As in the news, you might have heard of crimes against children and online harassment. With proper knowledge and monitoring the kids online can protect them from any future effects.

A spy app can be a boon for you. It offers benefits that are huge and undeniable. By installing the app at your children’s smart phone can ensure their safety online as well as when they are in school or other places.

Phone Notifications on your Computer

Never miss notifications from apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram.

You can even dismiss them right from your desktop.

Google Voice

Last but not least, if you’re in the US you can also use Google Voice .

This solution won’t use the phone number that’s associated with your phone, but rather the phone number which was given to your Google Voice account. However, because all of the SMS messages are stored on Google’s servers in Google Voice, you can use your phone, tablet, computer, or any other device to check all of your SMS messages and reply to them. This solution is only ideal for people who actually use their Google Voice number and other Google Voice features — otherwise, you’d be completely switching your phone number (at least the one you give out to people) just for the SMS features. Additionally, MMS messaging doesn’t work with Google Voice.

The best part about this solution is that you don’t need to have your phone on the Internet, or even turned on for that matter. You can just have your computer turned on to send SMS messages just fine. This is because any calls or SMS messages sent to your Google Voice number will first be received by Google, where it will either store your SMS messages or forward phone calls to your actual phone number. Therefore, SMS messages received via your Google Voice number are stored on Google’s servers rather than your own phone, and you can use the Google Voice Android/iOS app or web app to access them.

When you first install the mobile app, it should set you up for the Google Voice features, if you don’t have them already, or simply connect to them if you already do. This is a fairly easy process, but beware that Google Voice will try to replace your wireless carrier’s voicemail with its own. You can skip this part if you’re not interested in that.

Send & Check Messages From :

  • any browser via the web app
  • any Android or iOS device with the Google Voice app

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text messages history

Get full text conversations history even if the targeted users have deleted those messages from the device.

How to spy on text messages without installing any software on the target phone?

October 18, 2016 by Lana 3 Comments

“My boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend.  I want to hack her phone messages to make sure it’s over, and to get some revenge.  I am not very tech savvy – please tell me how to do this without software?”


It may seem to be a hard task to read someones text messages without installing software on their phone. But there is a solution you can rely on. In this article, you will learn how to spy on text messages received by other people’s phones. The answer is clear – you need a phone spy app . Let’s learn more of the subject.

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