How to Read Text Messages on iPhone Backup

If how to read text messages on iphone backup you are trying to retrieve your deleted messages by restoring them from iTunes or iCloud backup:Read previous post:

Transfer text how to read text messages on iphone backup messages to new iphoneThe Bottom LineHow to View and Manage Your iTunes and App Store Subscriptions

Save Data on Your iPhone: How to Check What Apps Are Using the Most Data

Have you ever deleted a text message from your iPhone by accident and wished there was a way to get it back? If so, you're in luck. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone.Do you learn better by reading? A text version of the course is available at: for over 100 free courses on all of today's most popular websites & apps!

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Part 8: Best iPhone Backup Extractor 2018 – Comparison Chart

PhoneRescue AnyTrans for iOS iPhone Backup Extracter iBackup Extractor PhoneBrowse
iDevice Requirements iOS 5 and higher iOS 5 and higher iOS 4 and higher iOS 4.2 and higher iOS 5/6/7/8
Load Time 3s 5s 8s 10s 6s
Support iCloud Backup
Support Encrypted iTunes Backup
Time Needed to Scan a Backup 10s 11s 15s 20s 13s
Types of Supported Data 22 types of data (including photos, videos, message) 12 types of data (including notes, contacts) 12 types of data (including contacts, photos) 9 types of data (including contacts, calendars) 7 types of data (including photos, notes, messages)
Support Viewing Data in Backup
Extract Data from Backup to Computer
Extract Data from Backup to Device
Ease to Use
Price .99 .99 .95 .99 Free
Availability Free Trial Free Trial Free Download

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