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Monitor SMS Chat History on Android

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Spy on Other Person Mobile Phone SMS

Jailbreak iPhone and iPad Edition App iPhone monitoring software helps parents monitor their kids activity including .. and register the Apple ID and Password of the device you are authorized to monitor. .. See SMS text messages send and received on an iOS device. iPhone Apps for Period Tracking

1.25 Get Access to a Texts Of Employee's Phone IPhone KeyloggerI basically just want to browse my partner's messages to see who he has .. Can I Check My Wife's or Girlfriend's Texts Without Her Knowing Do not ... You Can to Get Husband or Boyfriend's SMS on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Wifi Online. ICloud Backup AlertIn Conclusion

View Text Messages iPhone on Pc

View the ScreenFeatures Of PhoneSheriff How to Spy on Someone's iPhone Bbm Cloud Baby Monitor ($3.99)3. Data Monitor4.5 out of 5 Jaimie Isaac said:

--- Net Status ---Download from the App Store:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/net-st...More:http://happymagenta.com/netstatus/IP ADDRESS AND WEBSITE MONITOR [an IP address and website test and check tool]:Check, test and monitor an IP address, domain name, website, webpage or URL.Check, test and monitor server open ports.PING [a ping tool]:Ping an IP address, domain name, website, webpage, URL.WAKE ON LAN [a wake on LAN (wol) tool]:Remotely wake up on LAN, WAN, WiFi (wireless LAN, WLAN) your computer or server.A perfect network administrator utility and toolkit for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Version History

  • 7.1.0

    24 Jul 2018 * New notifications on iOS to include also the user’s picture* Recent events has been improved to include also state-change events from all devices* Various bugfixes
  • 7.0.4

    9 Jul 2018 * Bugfixes and improvements
  • 7.0.3

    15 Jun 2018 Bugs have been squashed!
  • 7.0.0

    7 Jun 2018 All new navigation! * Tap on the toolbar to select a network* See the timeline of changes in “Events” tab. * All account & settings are now grouped togetherAll new Fingbox features & layout* Chart of the Digital presence of your household* See security, performance events in “Network” tab* Easily enable/disable Wi-Fi watchdogs
  • 6.7.2

    5 Apr 2018 * Fixed an issue that was preventing context switch in Bandwidth Analysis* General bug fixes and improvements
  • 6.7.1

    28 Mar 2018 Improved support* Added an in-app menu option to display app help from our support page @ help.fing.io* You will now be prompted with a release notes page whenever a new version of the app is installedNew languages* We now provide also Traditional Chinese localization (Taiwan and Honk Kong)UI cleanup* On iOS the bottom bar is now automatically hidden when you get into nested views, to gain more visual room* The Digital Fence™ radio devices list has been improved by removing the tabbed interface in favor of a more user friendly filterable viewGeneral bugfixes* Fixed some issues related to unicode characters support* Fixed app login failures due to the usage of unicode characters in user password
  • 6.7.0

    13 Mar 2018 * Digital Fence 2.0* Fixed outage time display in some screens* Fixed some crashes on iOS 9
  • 6.6.0

    21 Feb 2018 * Show internet outages in speedtest's chart* Send monthly internet performace report on demand* General bugfixes & improvements
  • 6.5.2

    30 Jan 2018 + Fixed bug on iOS 9
  • 6.5.1

    28 Jan 2018 Bugfixes
  • 6.5.0

    24 Jan 2018 * Fingbox automatic internet speedtest* New internet speedtest user interface* General bug fixes and improvements
  • 6.4.1

    14 Dec 2017 + Fixed application logout issue+ General bugfixes and improvements
  • 6.4.0

    21 Nov 2017 + Dedicated view to manage alert settings from Search&Filter popup+ Scheduling of Internet Pause for Fingbox+ Bugfixes
  • 6.3.0

    7 Nov 2017 Fing New Features* Device Search & Filter accessible from main view, allows to * Change the sort order * Filter out devices by matching criteria * Search for matching text on devicesFingbox New Features* Internet Security 2.0 * Manually run a security assessment * Show new ports with respect to previous executions * Show the time an open port was first detected * Close ports managed via UPnP* Added “Evil Twin” detection event* Allows to add Gateways as Trusted, so that alerts are not sent anymore when the gateway address changes* Added the “Do not disturb” LED mode to dim lights unless there is a relevant activity going on
  • 6.2.1

    10 Oct 2017 - A new settings page "Fingbox" has been added. It gives access to the "LED Dimmer" settings, to the version number of Fingbox software and to a link to the online support pages.- All entries in the logs pages are now grouped by weeks and report the exact time of the event- Internet Speed highlights outliers with respect to usual values of speed tests. The bigger the difference, the bigger the arrow.- Notifications sounds have been enabled
  • 6.2.0

    13 Sep 2017 Lots of updates for this release:- Enables "Internet Security" checks in Fingbox- A new Fingbox dashboard directly access User details and data- Fixed quite a few bugs
  • 6.1.0

    11 Aug 2017 Added languages: Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Korean, French, Dutch.Now you can acknowledge devices without IP address from the Fingbox dashboard.Fixed an issue that was resulting in IN RANGE devices to appear as OFFLINE.Fixed an issue that was preventing Avatar selection when permissions were missing.Fixed an issue that was hiding the NEW device marker.
  • 6.0.1

    26 Jul 2017 We received a lot of feedback and we tried to fit as much improvements as we could in this release: + It's now possible to choose the personal device (long press) when creating Fingbox users+ There's a new layout of Bandwidth Hog data and chart+ More network details are displayed in Wifi Sweet Spot+ It's now possible to customize the device timeouts to track state changes
  • 6.0.0

    3 Jul 2017 The first release that integrates with Fingbox!Together with its add-on Fingbox hardware, you may also:+ Block devices and pause Internet connection+ Analyze the usage of bandwidth+ Find the Wi-Fi Sweet Spot+ Verify your Internet Speed+ Troubleshoot your Internet connection+ Monitor the Digital Presence on your network+ Protect your network with a wireless Digital Fence that continuously watches over Wi-Fi devices around you.
  • 4.7.1

    7 Jun 2017 Fixed "clear devices" bugFixed the Google Sign-In for Fing accountFixed UI bugs
  • 4.7.0

    1 Jun 2017 + Updated User Interface+ Fixed bug on UPnP protocol+ Improved the scan engine+ Added support of Italian language
  • 4.6.1

    16 Apr 2017 + Fixed infinite scan time on large networks+ Updated database of manufacturers
  • 4.6.0

    6 Apr 2017 + Added support for Japanese Language+ Fixed a few crashes in the "Tools" section+ Improved compatibility with latest iOS 10.3
  • 4.5.1

    14 Mar 2017 + The App now supports the German language+ The set of icons has been updated: new icons are now available for Cars, Voice Controls, Smart appliances and more!* Fixed localized settings for all languages* Fixed layout issue with long names* Fixed crashes on load * Fixed crash on invalid SNMP text* Fixed issue of duplicate self IP address on some devices
  • 4.5.0

    24 Jan 2017 + The new Device Recognition can automatically recognise the best-matching type, make and model. You can enable it from the App Settings, no account required!+ Fixed typos and missing translations of App settings+ Fixed crash on iPad mini
24 Jul 2018

Version 7.1.0

* New notifications on iOS to include also the user’s picture* Recent events has been improved to include also state-change events from all devices* Various bugfixes

Device Requirements

Compatible Android smartphone or Android tablet. Currently not compatible with iOS or BlackBerry.

GPS tracking requires GPS enabled device. Compatibility Details

PLEASE NOTE: The iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry versions have been discontinued.

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  • The Stewards Ministry
  • Stewardesses Ministry
  • The Ministry to Men
  • The Ministry of Christian Education
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Jose Rodriguez, Fleet Manager

Managing 12 drivers and trucks on my delivery business was hell. Then the management team decided to get XNSPY smartphone tracking app and we were able to get our drivers' current locations in real time. We’ve never been more cost and time efficient!

I can't get into the app 5 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps for Tracking iPhones & Androids4.7Find free public domain movies Omegle double spy mode.. SMS or Cell Phone Calls Log · Secret Way to Track Girlfriend's Texts or Calls .. Any of the decent quality spy programs allow you to monitor regular SMS text .. After the completion of the final step, you have also a possibility to restore the files .. to-See-childs-SMS-Messages-on-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-S2-9.7-WiFi-Secretly ..

What's New

Version History

Version History

  • 1.8.3

    Mar 28, 2018 Fixed an issue where users were logged out frequently. Please be sure to update to this version!Our new widget is live! Swipe over to your widgets screen and enable today to quickly see the status of all of your locations. Tap on the widget to open the app.
  • 1.8.2

    Dec 19, 2017 Speed & Stability fixes for the widget in iOS 10Our new widget is live! Swipe over to your widgets screen and enable today to quickly see the status of all of your locations. Tap on the widget to open the app.
  • 1.8.1

    Nov 16, 2017 Small fixes for iOS 10Our new widget is live! Swipe over to your widgets screen and enable today to quickly see the status of all of your locations. Tap on the widget to open the app.
  • 1.8

    Nov 11, 2017 Our new widget is live! Swipe over to your widgets screen and enable today to quickly see the status of all of your locations. Tap on the widget to open the app.
  • 1.7

    Nov 4, 2017 Support for iOS 11 Password AutoFill, LastPass, and 1PasswordForce Touch MenuiPhone X SupportUI and UX TweaksVarious bug fixes
  • 1.6

    Oct 13, 2017 Various bug fixesSpeed & stability improvementsNew icon & splash screens
  • 1.5

    Sep 22, 2017 The navigation bar has returned to the bottom of the app!Various bug fixes and speed improvementsLegacy support for devices that do not support iOS 10 has been removed. These devices can still access iStatus Dashboard online in Safari.
  • 1.4

    Jun 20, 2017 Fixed a login issue that causes app crashes in some instances.
  • 1.3

    Apr 10, 2017 Migrated to SwiftSmall bugfixesImproved notification supportImproved iOS Keychain SupportFixed the app where it could sometimes become locked and be unable to return to iStatus
  • 1.2

    Sep 16, 2016 Fixed an issue with complex passwords and special character that may have prevented users from logging into iStatus.Centralized URL configuration information for improved stability.
  • 1.1

    Jun 3, 2016 Fixed iPad ViewFixed Push NotificationsFixed a user logout bug
  • 1.0

    Aug 13, 2015
Mar 28, 2018

Version 1.8.3

Fixed an issue where users were logged out frequently. Please be sure to update to this version!Our new widget is live! Swipe over to your widgets screen and enable today to quickly see the status of all of your locations. Tap on the widget to open the app.


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  • 8 I really like this idea, but I would say for the 99.999% reliability while maintaining a small response size, go with www.google.com/m which is the mobile view for google. –  rwyland Sep 23 '12 at 5:46
  • 1 Awesome solution @Erik. What i also recommend you is to use www.google.com, instead of www.google.com/m, as rwyland said. It's weird, but from my test the mobile version always takes about 120ms more than the www.google.com –  Sebyddd May 15 '14 at 13:27
  • 2 Apple docs recommend not to do this since it can block the thread on a slow network, can cause app to be terminated in iOS –  Brad Thomas Oct 7 '14 at 17:44
  • Thanks for the positive feedback, agree that www.google.com/m is the best solution because of reliability! –  Erik Wegener Aug 8 '15 at 13:02
  • 1 LOL, I’m sure Google appreciate you suggesting people use them as an Internet check resource. –  mxcl Apr 3 at 15:28
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  • no ambient noise recording
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I decided to go on omegle and troll but instead I thought it would be cool to try out the new Spy Question tool

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