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  • getting an access to your kids’ smartphones to monitor their activities on the Internet;
  • receiving a list of websites your children visit during the day;
  • tracking your spouse location while you suspect them cheating on you;
  • lurking your partner text messages in a case it seems to you he or she has an affair;
  • getting a list of calls on your husband/wife cell phone;
  • monitoring your employees’ smartphones to find out if they visit Facebook , or other social media websites during their work.

How to Spy SMS Text Messages in 3 Easy Steps

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Learning how to spy SMS or spy on text messages can be easier than you think. Everywhere you look; it seems as if people are glued to their smartphones. Teenagers and young adults are constantly text messaging, even during dinner time, which can frustrate a parent to no end. If you are curious as to whom your children are always texting, there is a way to find out without “borrowing” their phones when they are asleep.

Reading your children’s text messages might be the only way to learn what the user is up to. Don’t wait forever to find the truth, the steps to spy sms text messages are easy to follow and you can start reviewing their text messages in a short period of time.

Update: This page has been updated on February 23rd, 2017 to include updated information, I also removed outdated information and obsolete links.

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    Use SMS commands to get tracked device status and location, even when no Internet is available. is a mobile application you can use to silently track a cell phone. Once you install on the mobile you want to track, no user interaction is needed and the app runs silently in the background sending device location at regular intervals.► Track all your family cell phones using a single account.► Locate and view his/her movements during the last 6 months!► Install in a matter of seconds!► Custom Alerts: Speed Alerts, Battery Alerts and Warning Areas (Geofences).► SMS Commands to get app status or to get location when Internet connection is not available.****HOW TO INSTALLJust go for instructions or download from related app stores,check on Google Play: BlackBerry World: you need help contact [email protected]

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    2. GuestSpy




    Guestspy is considered as one of the best text spy apps for the Android devices. With the help of your mobile phone, you can track other Android devices.


    a. Track text messages, GPS location

    b. Manage calls and monitor internet usage

    c. Can check multimedia files and address book

    d. Have online control panel


    Live screening facility


    Voice calls interception not fully supportive.


    Powerfull Free SMS Tracker App – Easy to install

    Download & Install SpyApps

    What all things you can with the SpyApps’s SMS tracker?

    The basic things that you can do with this SpyApps are, you can read all the incoming SMS. This will help you in getting all the information about all the incoming SMS, and get things clear about the person you are spying on. Along with this, you can keep your eye on all the outgoing SMS, which was sent from the targeted mobile phones. Even you can get all the send and received SMS, like all the details of the domain from where SMS came, or where does the SMS send. All the details like checking time, date, the name and the number of the domain. This all things will help you in keeping supervision on the beleaguered person, also on all the activity of him.

    What to do and what not to do while spying?

    There are many dos and don’ts when you are spying or heading towards it. But you need to devote some time seeking information about the app you are going to use. You need to overview all the reviews of the app, and also that is it safe using it or not. Many times few spy app are not that much effective, or not that much secure, and end up in trouble for you. So you need to take care of these things while choosing that app, for tracking SMS on the targeted mobile phone.

    After selecting few apps, you need to see that which app is more effective and advanced. This is because many apps need to install a copy on the targeted phone, and then it will give you access to that device. But the most advances apps provide you the Free SMS Tracker without Installing on Target Phone . Many of the apps are only meant for spying only 6-10 people at a time, but the advanced app provides you access to more number of people. So you need to select carefully a SpyApps you are trusting on.

    Check the details of the app, because most of the apps, are suitable only for android or windows operating system. But the advanced SpyApps are supportable to almost every operating system. So in short, you need to cover all the aspects of selecting a SpyApps for using it, because all the aspect has its importance.

    How will you get this app?

    The first things that you need to do are, you need to give a call on the targeted mobile phone, it will give you an access code this access code you need to put on the app. This will help you in getting access to the thing that you want to get a track on. When you connect the app with the targeted device, then the access to the data in the mobile phone becomes simpler.  The good thing is that this spying app is supportable by every operating system.

    The next good feature of this spying app is that all the data that you have tracked will get uploaded to the server. If you ever lost the data, you can very easily get access to all the things very easily. Above spying, you can also protect your data from your mobile phone.  If you lost your mobile phone, or you think that your mobile phone has got stolen and you have all your important data in it then you need to think more about the data, you can upload all your data to a cloud account. Along with this you can also lock your mobile phone, and also check its current location, this way you can protect your mobile phone and also you can find where your mobile phone exactly is.

    Features of SpyApps

    All Feature SpyApps

    Since this app was first developed there are many things that came to this app. There are many new things that came to this app and made it more advanced from the previous version. So some of the latest features of this app are: Remote feature : This is the best feature added to the app. Now you do not have to even touch the target phone; you can spy on it without installing the app copy to the targeted phone. You just need to give a call on the targeted mobile phone, with the app; on your device, the app will give few codes that you need to copy. Even if the targeted phones do not receive your call, you will get access to the mobile phone. This way without touching the targeted device you can easily get access to the device. Now you can very easily get track of all the SMS that was received by the device or send from the device; you will get details of the app.

    Special and upgraded security for you: When you start using SpyApps you will get the best security while spying on some one. With this technical advancement there are many things that can put you in trouble, so you will need better and advanced security that will keep you non-detectable to anyone. This app will provide you the best security so that you can be safe from every aspect of the security.

    Advanced notifying system:   This is one of the added perks to this app; if any one tries to track you, or anything went wrong with the device you will get notify you about that. Along with the notification, it also provides you the solution to the problem. If the user of the targeted mobile changes the SIM or transfer his SIM to another device, then also it will give the notification of the next step what you can take for getting back to the tracking.

    A supportive feature of this app: This is the most common feature of the app, that all the services provided you by this app are 24×7 and 365 days. So that if ever you lost your network, it will help you to catch all the details you had missed meanwhile. So you do not need to get tensed about any of the detail, you can catch all the details on another device through the mail ID, which is connected with the app.

    Backup feature : This feature also got upgraded in this app. While you are getting a track on the all the SMS of the devices, it will help you in making the instant backup on the attached mail ID, and make a cloud backup. So if the SMS is deleted by the user, you have the backups of that SMS on your cloud storage. This way you can get the entire track on the details, and also you can cover all things if you ever miss something because of network lost.

    These features were the newly added feature on the spy app, and all the previous feature are also there to help you out with everything that you will face while spying on a device.

    Why do people prefer this app?

    There are many such reasons that make it preferable over other countless apps in the app stores. Along with the feature there are many things that are helpful for everyone, for these things people prefer this app only.  Since there are many other things that will attract people to this app, but here we have only a few and major advantages of selecting this:

    • Outstanding features – The features that come with the SMS tracker app are better than any other spying application. As a user, you will never be unsatisfied with any of the services of this app. It provides all the reliable information a user would ever want.
    • Reliability – This is a very trusted application, and you can reply it completely. This application works on a proper format and never fails to give quality service. This is the best app, and you can feel the same while using it. This app will help you out with everything that you will face while spying.
    • Easy to use – The format of this application is extremely simple. From the first step you would take to install it, till the end, it will give all the directions of what to do next. This application can be used by anyone who is having even a little knowledge.
    • Compatible – SMS tracker Spy app works on all the platforms, i.e., it can be used in windows phone; android as well as iPhone. It could be easily run on every operating system.
    • Cost effective – This application provides you all the best features at the very affordable price. Moreover, it provides 48 hours free service. If you feel that the services are satisfactory, you can go for its premium plan that can be with permanently.
    • Customer satisfactory – From all the features and advantages of using this Spyapp, the app provides brilliant customers services. Besides from all the advanced features, this app provides the best customers support that helps the customers in every other step.

    These are some of the reasons that attract people to this app, and this way it is considered as the best spying app, in the market.

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