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Monitor Someone's SMS Messages from Your Computer

  1. Tracking and Reporting:
  2. View text messages online at&tHow to hack someones text messages without having their phone
  3. Can I Monitor Text Messages on My Child’s iPhone?

How to View Text Messages iPhone on Computer

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Support viewing all types of messages on iCloud:. From the options, choose "Print".    Was this comment helpful?

Open the message thread from the Messaging app, press and hold the "Sleep/Wake" button and "Home" Button, then release them. HTC EVO 4G Cell Phone User Guide.

Can i see number of texts send on straight talk?. Can you read text messages online with straight talk? Comment. Someone said: How to print text messages on iPhone with iPhone Messages Transfer.

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SolutionsHow to View Deleted Messags on iPhone SE/6S Plus/6S/6 Plus/6 .. How to Spy on iPhone 8 Text Messages Jailbreaking Text messages can sometimes contain important information.Normally, we can check them on iPhone or on iCloud , but it is not so convenient if we need to view ..How to Hack Your Child's Text Messages Without Them Knowing Facebook feed

Monitoring Apple iMessages

If you see a red exclamation point

If you try to send a message and you see  with an alert that says Not Delivered, follow these steps:

  1. Check your network connection.
  2. Tap , then tap Try Again.
  3. If you still can’t send the message, tap , then tap Send as Text Message. Messaging rates may apply. Contact your carrier for more information.


  1. Open up your contacts application and find her in the contacts
  2. Once you have her on the main screen, click the “Edit” link in the top right to edit her contact info
  3. Scroll down until you see the label called “Text Tone”
  4. Change the Default one or whatever you have in there to “None”
  5. Now when Lisa gets “iMessaged” (texted) to, her device will ding but yours will not as her contact going to your device will not alert you
  • remote camera control
  • text spoofing

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone Free without/with Backup

As you know, iPhone Messages plays an important role in daily life. It delivers significant information among friends, family, colleagues even commercial partners. Messages loss or deletion often happens in daily life, however. What if you accidentally deleted iPhone SMS messages that contained valuable conversations? Here, we will show you how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone for free after mistaken operation, iOS upgrade/jailbreak failure or even iPhone got lost or stolen.

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Part 1. Why Deleted iPhone Text Messages are Recoverable Part 2. Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone without Backup Part 3. Restore Deleted iPhone Texts from iTunes Backup Part 4. Get Back Deleted iPhone Texts from iCloud Backup

Much Safer: Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone without Backup

If you just deleted SMS on iPhone without backup, it is much safer to retrieve deleted text messages using third-party software which can access to iOS SQLite database. iPhone Data Recovery is highly recommended to save your deleted texts on iPhone. It is a totally free yet useful iPhone SMS Recovery tool for iPhone 7 (plus)/SE/6s (plus)/6 (plus)/5s/5/4s/4/3GS users. Why not have a try?


Download and install the free iPhone recovery software to follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Run the application and select “Messages”and “Message Attachments” on the first interface. Then click on Next.
  • Step 2. Connect your iPhone to PC and start to recover data from iPhone or iTunes backup. (If you don’t have backup, it can retrieve SMS from the device directly.)
  • Step 3. Scan your iOS device/iTunes backup. Finally, you can selectively preview and recover deleted text message conversations.
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